Black Knight – Handover

Because KK and I had trouble to deliver Black Knight chapters, imperfectluck has decided to continue the translation of Black Knight on omegaharem where we left off. You can find his translation for Chapter 5 here:

I apologize for our inability to deliver on time and KK and me will go into an indefinite recess. Thank you for understanding!

The Black Knight who was stronger than even the Hero – Chapter 04

Next chapter of Black Knight!

Adjusted monster classifications. They’re now: Lesser -> Intermediate -> Greater

Translated by KK_Akatsuki
Smoothed over by me.

Sorry, my editing skill really isn’t that good yet. Right now this translation is pretty literal, if I find the time, I’ll post another Black Knight translation, derived from this one, on another blog. That one will be edited very liberally, tho. Different vocabulary, sentence structures and types of speech and all. Continue reading

The Black Knight who was stronger than even the Hero – Chapter 02

To clarify: I, AFlappyTeddyBird do not speak a hint of Japanese. Everything that is posted here will be translated by my friend KK_Akatsuki who kindly allows me to publish these. These translations are rather roughly edited, and translations happen very sporadically, sometimes it could be 1 chapter in a month, sometimes it could be 4 or anything in between, just don’t have high expectations about punctuality. I will try to do my best to edit the chapters so that they’re not unpleasant to read, but I do sometimes struggle with re-forming sentences.

Chapters 0&1:

And now without further ado, Chapter 02:

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